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The Ives Story

Eldon Ives started woodworking at the age of 5 with his father in their backyard shop in San Leandro, California.  His love for woodworking continued through high school. In 1976 Eldon began working for Schoenstein & Co., a pipe organ company in San Francisco. There he learned the art of fine woodworking, making wood pipes, bellows, and all aspects of organ building and installation.

In 1980 Eldon and his family moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah, where he worked at a church pew business until 1982, when he began his own woodworking business in his garage. Soon he expanded and moved into a shop in Orem, UT.

In 1990 Ives Woodturning bought a copy lathe and began focusing on woodturning and handrail parts. The business purchased a new building in 1999 to expand their capacity for growth. Ives woodworking has continued to expand and upgrade their facilities, buying a second copy lathe in 1999 and a molder in 2002 to better facilitate the growing business.

In 2006 Ives Woodturning upgraded their turning capacity by purchasing a fully CNC-controlled lathe from Locatelli in Italy. This lathe has the capacity to add CNC routing for flutes and spirals.

Ives Woodturning sets the standard for high quality products that are used by many quality builders across Utah and these products have been showcased in multiple home shows. We even ship our products out-of-state, and have happy customers in dozens of states all across America. Ives Woodturning is the preferred custom woodturning supplier to many custom cabinet makers and woodworking companies. We are a family-owned and family-operated business. 

Ives Woodturning is known for its service, quality products and fair prices.

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